It all started years ago, when we found out how much we liked sandals: crazy, comfortable and easy-to-wear sandals. A pair of shoes everyone should have in their wardrobe, just like a pair of jeans.
Not everyone was charmed by our new love: people made fun of us, they called us names and told us we were crazy. Crazy? Well, you can question that. Who is more crazy, people who live their life always trying to please others, or people who live their own life? Anyhow, the truth is that you must be a real pigheaded person to put them on. And that's exactly what Hol*Sh!t is all about: You. Just you, being completely yourself when wearing your sandals. Regardless what other people say or think. 

So what makes these sandals so special? First of all, they look and feel great at the same time. The sole is made of lightweight and durable EVA. The top grade suede lining is comfortable. The upper is made of washed canvas. The edges are fraying due to use, which is part of the vintage look you are developing yourself while wearing your Hol*Sh!t sandals. It gives each pair a unique character. The sandals are available in seven colours, so there is always a colour that suits you.

By purchasing a pair of Hol*Sh!t shoes, you choose to be part of a very select group of people: The Pigheaded People Club. We will tell you more about this after your purchase. 

Please be aware, non-members of the club will react differently or strange. This is only for one reason: they are envious. 

Do you need some encouragement to become a pigheaded person? Contact us 24/7 via e-mail to or via Instagram @holyshitshoes. If you do decide to be pigheaded, we would like to give you one last advise: don't be scared, wear them with pride!