We could tell you more about our love for sandals and all that, but it might be better to let our pigheaded member pur sang, Ewout, do the talking. Check out his story here. 


Our love for sandals started years ago when we discoverd the freedom of having sandals on our feet. Unfortunately, not everyone was charmed by this love. People made fun of us and called us names. We noticed sandals have some kind of weird reputation. But did we care about any of that? Of course not. 

In fact, we continued wearing our sandals and figured you should be able to wear them as well. On holidays, on rainy days. Whatever you like. Doing what you want to do, that’s total freedom to us.

When you invest in a pair of HolyShit sandals, you automatically become part of the Pigheaded People Club.
What this club offers you? Not more than a smile on your face ;)