Let’s start this FAQ with the most unnecessary question.


Q: How do I place an order?

A: Serious? Ok, there we go.
When you want to order a pair of Hol*Sh!t sandals, first choose the desired size and print. Add the item to the shopping cart and choose whether you want to continue shopping or want to check out. When you finished shopping, click on the shopping cart at the upper right of the screen. Check your shopping cart and then go to 'checkout'. Fill in the details required for sending your order. Click next and enter the additional information about the delivery of your order. After this, the payment screen appears. Indicate how you prefer to pay and follow up the payment process. You will then receive an email from us in which we confirm your order.


Ok. Let’s make it a bit more helpful now.


Q: What should I do if I entered a wrong address when I placed my order?

A: Contact us as soon as possible by phone, email or Instagram/Facebook. We will do our best to tackle the problem in time.


Q: What should I do when the shoes I want to order are not in stock?

A: Contact Ewout or Floor by email or social media. They can tell you more about the opportunities and delivery time. Most of the time they will be able to deliver you a pair. But don’t be impatient. Our Hol*Sh!t shoes are made by hand in Portugal, it might take a week or 3.


Q: Which shoe sizes do you sell?

A: We design our unisex sandals in size 31 till size 47. So, if you can read this AND you do not have extremely large feed: we sell your size.


Q: How do I know my shoe size?

A: Our sandals run normal to large. Just order your normal shoe size. If you’re normally in between sizes, we recommend you to order the smaller size.
When you’re looking for your EU size, just check google. This machine knows the answer.


Q: I spilled [???] over my shoes, what to do?

A: Just use some hot water and a towel. Most of the stains will disappear. If not, it’s the sign you’ve been waiting for that says you should order a new print.


Q: In which country are the shoes produced?

A: All our shoes are made by hand in Portugal. To find out more, please check out our website for pictures of the production.


Q: Can I also pay in bitcoins?

A: No. You can’t. This also applies for all the other payment methods people want to use:
No. You can’t pay by turning in your mother in law.
No. You can’t pay in camels.
No. You can’t pay with anything else than Credit card and IDEAL.

 And now we’re talking.


Q: My mother in law is stubborn and she always does whatever she wants. Does that make her a Pighead?

A: Hell no, no way! Real Pigheads do not bore or interfere in somebody else’s life.


Q: When walking through the park with my wife and her family, I stepped in some fresh dog shit. How can I best clean them?

A: You made a big mistake in the first place. Rule number 1: do NOT go to a park, especially not with your wife’s family. Go to the beach with a great looking girlfriend instead.


Q: I ordered the ‘Wear without pants-print’ and would love to wear them how they are supposed to be worn. However, I feel embarrassed due to the length of my friend. Do you have a solution?


Q: I am dreaming to become as famous as Ewoud. What is his secret?

A: There’s no way you could achieve that. And you also shouldn’t. Purchase a pair of Hol*Sh!t sandals, wear them with pride and see what happens for yourself.


Q: I just noticed that there are no bananas on this print. Why then this name?

A: Are you serious???  In our world, a banana is yellow. Does that ring a bell??


Q: My lover has a foot fetish and wants me to take of my Hol*Sh!t sandals when we are “in the mood”. It makes me feel sad and empty, what to do?

A: Stay “out of the mood” or even better: break up!


Q: Your prints are amazing, but I would like to make my own individual print. Is that possible?

A: You think you are more creative then the Hol*Sh!t designers? You should be ashamed of yourself! But ok then… try us. Send your best idea to pighead@holyshitshoes.com. If it’s great, we might add it to our collection.
** We only allow the best questions to this list. Missing something? Let us know [ SEND IN YOUR QUESTION - CLICK HERE ]